You Mean So Much To Me Meaning

The phrase “You mean so very much to me” expresses deep affection and appreciation for someone. The speaker is expressing that they value and are grateful for the person and their impact on their lives. This is a way to express gratitude, admiration, and love towards someone special in the speaker’s life. This phrase is used to express deep bonds and connections between family and friends or in romantic relationships.

When a girl tells someone, “you are so important to me,” she is generally referring to the importance of that person to her. This could be a way of saying that she feels an emotional connection to the person and values their friendship or romantic relationship. This phrase’s exact meaning can be different depending on the context and nature of the relationship. She says that she is so grateful to him for his trust.

If a guy tells you “You’re important to me”, and he really means it, then You are a lucky woman.

This is what he means.

  • When you are bored, I’ll be there as your dancer.
  • When you need to listen, I’ll be there.
  • When you are sad, I’ll be your comedian.
  • When you are low, I’ll be there as your motivator.
  • When you are low, I’ll be there as your White Night.
  • When you are hungry, I’ll be your delivery man.
  • When you can’t sleep, I will tell your stories.
  • When you want to listen to a poem, I’ll be there.
  • You can use me as your alarm clock whenever you wish.
  • When you want to discover new places, I’ll be your pilot.
  • When you go on an adventure, I will protect you.
  • When you are cheated, I will fight for you.
  • When you have something to say, I am there to listen.
  • I will always be your silent admirer, no matter what you decide to do.

We do! We mean it!

She means Take this

You mean a great deal to her.


To elaborate:

  • She is grateful for your existence and presence as a person.
  • She likes you a lot, probably even loves you
  • She enjoys your company
  • Even if she does not say so, she appreciates the small things, quirks, and randomness you have.
  • She considers you an important part of life
  • She likes your personality
  • She loves you


You are very important to her.

You mean so much to me, I’m sorry.

A true friend may not be able to instill that same feeling, but they can still make you feel the same way.

If you like her, then you should try to understand what she meant when she told you that.

You will learn if the relationship is romantic, but if you just heard her say it and then that was it, it could be a friendly one.

It doesn’t matter if a girl or a boy says it.

It’s not romantic if I have male friends who said that to their best friend.

Do not overthink the situation and tell her if you are fond of her.