How Old Was Jesus When He Turned Water Into Wine?

how old was jesus when he turned water into wine? Jesus was around thirty at the time. This incident occurred at a wedding held in Cana of Galilee, just three days after Jesus began His public ministry.

His public ministry started immediately after the end of His 40-day wilderness testing, which was immediately after He had been baptized.

Luke 3:23 Jesus was thirty when he started his ministry. He was, it was believed, the son of Joseph, son of Heli.

John 2:1 The third day, a wedding was held in Cana. John 2:2 Jesus’ mother and Jesus were also invited to the wedding. John 2:3 After the wine had been consumed, Jesus’ mother told him that they did not have any more wine. John 2:11 The miracles Jesus performed in Cana, Galilee were the first signs that revealed his glory. His disciples believed him.

John 4:46 He returned to Cana, in Galilee where he turned water into wine. There was a royal official, whose sick son was at Capernaum.

Why did Jesus turn water into wine?

Jesus’ first miracle was turning water into wine. It is important to give it special attention because it was Jesus’ first miracle.

This happened at a marriage ceremony, which celebrates the union and love of two souls.

Jesus used large stone jars that were designed specifically for “ceremonial washing of hands”.

He told his servants to “fill them up to the brim”. Each jar held between 20 and 30 gallons: approximately 150 gallons in total.

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These jars were placed there to allow guests to wash their hands prior eating. The ritual of ceremonial handwashing was an external religious effort (similar to what Muslims do before praying) in order to become clean.

It’s like a mini-baptism… A way to say “LOOK God!” “Look how clean I am!”

In an end-of-book event, Pilate washed away the blood of Jesus in order to prove his innocence.

Was he less guilty because he washed his hands? Handwashing can it remove the guilt from those who are responsible for 9/11? Handwashing cannot wipe away sin. Hypocrisy is a horrible thing.

Jesus soiled the stone with dark grape blood, irreparably staining it, and then he said, “Come”. Unspoken love.

Our God invites us to “give up your religion and come have a drink with me.”

The. Best. Wine. Ever.

He served wine at the last dinner as a reminder of his blood shed for us.

The bride in the Song of Songs says, “Your love is better than wine”. She is not talking about grape-juice.

If you do drink, it should be to celebrate the life and not to escape from it.

What could Jesus possibly have done to transform water into wine?

You can see that God is able to perform miracles because he has the knowledge and power to change matter and energy.

It’s just a knee-jerk reaction. It would be “awesome science” if I told them that a scientist has developed a theory on how to build the replicator in Star Trek, but it’s stupid if I tell them that an older being is capable of doing the same thing.

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Alien races seeded the world? Possible. It’s possible. Idiotic.

If a scientist performs an amazing feat, it is science. But if a being called ‘God” does it, it is’magic’. It’s impossible.

I am amazed at how closed-minded some people can be. These people don’t object to these miracles being possible. . So long as they’re divorced from God.

Edit: I received an objection to this posting and I couldn’t have been happier about it, because it is a perfect example of all that I have said in previous posts and here.

Geoff Read

Irrational nonsense Scientists have evolved by natural processes, and they do exist. No objective evidence exists that gods exist, or ever existed. God claims are referred to as “magic”, because that is exactly what they are. Incredulous people make unsubstantiated claims.

It’s the same kind of objection that I mentioned above. Mr Read is upset that I’d dare suggest that God’s acts might have a scientific and logical basis. He posted an objection which doesn’t contain any real arguments.

The acts of God are therefore’magic,’ as they are unprovable claims. Do I have to assume that all unprovable claims are’magic?’ Many inventions that are mentioned in ancient texts cannot be reproduced or tested because we do not know enough about it. Does this mean that none of these inventions ever existed? This would be absurd.

Like most militant atheists Mr Read is unwilling to confine himself to a rational critique of God’s acts. This cannot be “While I do not believe in God, such mechanics could be possible even though we cannot verify them.” Instead, these acts are linked to God and he must show as much disgust as possible. This is exactly what I meant in my previous post. It’s not about the mechanics, but the fact that God is attached to them.

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Imagine that a war had wiped out 99.99% our population. We had lost the majority of our collective knowledge. A few hundred years later, someone finds a tiny scrap of paper which briefly describes the human ability to harness power to wipe out an entire city with the push of a button. However, the page does not explain the science. . These individuals could they verify this claim? They couldn’t. They would not be able to understand such an event from their own experience and may attribute it to magic, or even a fairytale that never happened. Any sufficiently advanced technology can be mistaken for magic.

They would be wrong to say that it was’magic’. The same applies here. It doesn’t make Gods actions magical just because we can’t understand or analyze their mechanics.

The other major claim of Mr Read is also unfounded and hypocritical. It is true that there are observable signs which indicate intelligence was behind the creations of the universe and life. It is true that he may not find the evidence convincing, mainly because of his knee-jerk reaction.

It’s funny to me that many atheists believe that there is alien life in our universe. They accept that even though there is no evidence to support its existence, it must exist. Many also believe in Dyson Spheres despite the fact they are unprovable claims about technology.

I believe I’ve made my point. It’s not that an atheist would care, but it’s okay.