27. If You …..

27. If you ….. (send) the letter now, she will receive it tomorrow. * sending​ Jawaban: send = sending ……. if you (send) this letter now, she (receiver) it tomorrow​ Jawaban: 1. If you send this letter, she will receive it tomorrow 2. If i do this test, i will improve my english 3. If … Read more

Dou You Agree With The Following Statement?

Dou you agree with the following statement? Students should study together Jawaban: apakah Anda baiklah dgn pernyataan berikut? Siswa harus mencar ilmu bersama do you agree with the statement that says rock is be come mainly the music of the youngters? give you reason apa ananda oke dgn pernyataan yg mengatakan rock menjadi musik khususnya … Read more

4. Mr. Rasyid : ….?

4. Mr. Rasyid : ….? Lisa : I think, it’s great. A. Have you read this book? B. What do you think of this book? C. Do you know this? D. What is it? Jawaban: B. What do you think of this book? Penjelasan: Mr. Rasyid: …..? Lisa: Menurutku itu manis A. Apakah ananda sudah … Read more

Arti Dari Good Afternoon, Mrs. Yuli. How Are You?

Arti dr good afternoon, mrs. Yuli. How are you? selamat siang pak yuli.apa kabar mu Okay, Good afternoon, Mrs. Yuli. How are you? Hi. Good afternoon, Lina. I’m good. Thank you.​ Jawaban: dalam bahasa Indonesia :Oke, Selamat siang Bu Yuli. Apa kabar? Hai. Selamat siang, Lina. Saya baik. Terima kasih Lia=good afternoon,mrs yuli how are … Read more

What Time Do You Go To Bed ?

what time do you go to bed ? kapan waktunya ananda ke kasurmaaf kalo jawaban nya salh What time do you usually go to bed at night I usually sleep at 11.30 pm telling time hi , ani what time do you go to bed? (09.15) At PM 09.15 maybe……. what time do you usully go … Read more

Did You See What The Fireman Did

did you see what the fireman did​ Jawaban: apakah ananda melihat apa yg dijalankan pemadam? * gampang-mudahan bermanfaat 6. Warno : Did you see what the firemandid?Mampu : Yes. He saved the ladyjust in time. He climbedthe ladder so quickly andjumped into the fire sobravely. …Warno : Yeah! He is a dedicatedperson.A. What a brave … Read more

Expression Of Opinion!

Expression of opinion!A: What do you think of the picture?B: ……….​ Jawaban: A: What do you think of the picture? B: I think it’s very beautiful and unique, it also stands out from the other picture that is hanged here. A: Oh, okay, I think it’s also very unique. Hopes this helps Jadikan balasan terbaik … Read more

When Does The Dialog Happen?

when does the dialog happen? artinya kapan obrolan itu terjadi? & terus mana dialognya? when does the dialog happen?​ Jawaban: where’s the dialog? T_T 1)When does the dialog probably happen? 2)Who do you think deswita is? 3)What are they talking about? 4)How will they conduct the event? How do you know? 5)Wat will happen if … Read more