Pidato Soekarno Bulan April Dengan Bahasa Inggris

Pidato Soekarno bulan april dgn bahasa Inggris

This twentieth century has been a period of terrific dynamism. Perhaps the last fifty years have seen more developments and more material progress than the previous five hundred years. Man has learned to control many of the scourges which once threatened him. He has learned to consume distance. He has learned to project his voice and his picture across oceans and continents. lie has probed deep into the secrets of nature and learned how to make the desert bloom and the plants of the earth increase their bounty. He has learned how to release the immense forces locked in the smallest particles of matter.

But has man’s political skill marched hand-in-hand with his technical and scientific skill? Man can chain lightning to his command-can be control the society in which be lives? The answer is No! The political skill of man has been far outstripped by technical skill, and what lie has made he cannot be sure of controlling.

The result of this is fear. And man gasps for safety and morality.

bahasa inggris dr “selamat tiba april”

Welcome April

April nya itu nama bulan atau nama orang?

Apa bahasa Inggrisnya tanggal 4 bulan April 1981​


April, 4th 1981



pemahaman bulan april dgn bahasa inggris

April is the fourth month in the Christian calendar that comes from the word Aprilis, Latin which has many meanings. Some experts also think April comes from the name of a Greek goddess Aphrodite or Aphrilis.

Saya lahir pada tanggal 12 bulan april 2003 bahasa inggrisnya

I was born on the 12th of April 2003

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