23 Benefits Of Wind Energy In Daily Life

Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from natural resources that will never be used up, such as wind, sunlight and geothermal. Renewable energy can gradually replace fossil fuels whose availability is very limited.


Wind power is the fastest growing energy source in the world. Wind energy has been used by humans for a long time and is still used today.


The wind is directly available by nature and will not run out and can be found anywhere. Apart from alternative energy which is environmentally friendly, another advantage of wind power is that it doesn’t cause pollution.


Here are the uses of wind energy in daily life:

1. Wind power generation.

2. Drying clothes.

3. Cools the body.

4. Flying the kites.

5. Moving the sailing ship.

6. Helping the aircraft to maintain its position in the air.

7. Helping the pollination process in plants.

8. Help determine direction.

9. Make the environment cool.

10. Assisting with water distribution or rice field irrigation.

11. Propeller on fishing water pump.

12. Help divert the direction of the water.

13. Cool the engine of a car or motorcycle.

14. As entertainment.

15. Helping the rice milling process.

16. Alternative energy other than fossil fuels.

17. Helping the wood cutting process.

18. Supporting wind-powered sports such as parachuting and paragliding.

19. Reducing air pollution due to wind.

20. Help birds to fly.

21. Rotating a windmill then generates electricity.

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22. Fishing using a hook tied to the kite.

23. Drive wind powered vehicles.


Another fact is the ability of wind energy to counter the damaging effects of climate change. So that we can harness the power of the wind and convert it into other, more useful forms of energy.


It is fitting for us to thank God for giving the gift of an abundant source of energy that will never run out even though it is used continuously, one of which is wind energy.



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